Photo by Brad Stone
JOSHUA SOLAS  is an interdisciplinary artist and designer whose work is often a critical but impartial look on the dynamics of human life. Through self reflection and observational means, The Jamaican artist attempts to document these dynamics in a concise yet complex language that blurs roles of images and words.
Themes of identity, community, our interpersonal relations and our relationship with our technology and environment are prominent in his work.  
Solas challenges himself to make work that is true to the present. His work pulls from various art movements and realms of media, namely from Dada, Surrealism, the Harlem Renaissance and Pop Art as well as cartoons and comics, internet memes, religious iconography and film to create the reality that the figures in his work exist in.
Born and raised in Jamaica, the artist received a BFA in Illustration and minor in Graphic Design at Kendall College of Art and Design of FSU in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is currently based in Jamaica.
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