STFU & GTFO tells the story of a multigenerational story of displacement Grand Rapids. 
Bryce Airgood of MLive wrote a great review of the piece and its story.
"Joshua Solas' piece tells three different stories. Two of the stories involve Synia McBride and her granddaughter, Synia Jordan.
McBride was a headstrong woman who purchased property in southwest Grand Rapids in 1943.
When big business started buying people out in the area, McBride stood her ground and refused to sell. Ultimately, McBride lost the legal battle. The week she had to move, she passed away in her sleep. In the artist statement, Jordan claims she died of a broken heart.
The second story focuses on the granddaugher. Jordan receives several letters a month seeking to purchase the residence she owns on the Southwest side of Grand Rapids and her salon's property, Samaria J's Salon Suite.
According to Jordan, other homes also get them, including homes with only Spanish-speaking residents. They do not know what is being slapped on their homes or understand what is happening, Jordan said.
The overall message of the piece is the frustration that comes with wanting to speak out about issues at hand, but being unable to do so, according to the artist statement. That is the third story."

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