The CHR33DOM project is a conceptual art project in which invites discussion surrounding the topic of community and the quest for a more utopian society. The underlying narrative illustrates a nation of CHR33-people who despite their self obsessive nature, seek to connect and live with each other in the best way possible.
The first phase of the project is called “Peaceful Solutions” where the CHR33 people share their ideas on how to resolve conflict by peaceful means but also to consider preventative methods to employ on a day to day basis, ensuring we are treating ourselves well and by extension others.
The main aspect of this live event is the "CHR33" below. Patrons are invited to take a leaf and write one of 3 things on it and place it on the CHR33 for others to read. They are asked to write either:
- Words of encouragement that that helped you recently
- A fond memory of a loved one, whether here or no longer with us
- A favourite song/song lyric
My intention was to create a positive experience for those who came to the event. It will serve as a shrine to commemorate those lost to mental illness as well as an emitter of good energy for those who come in contact with it. I believe this symbolic activity will encourage participants that not only may be suffering from depression but also help people anonymously offer their own support to those who may need it. Participants are expected to take some positivity and leave some for someone else.
Part of a good community is one that communicates amongst its members as well as has support systems in place for whoever needs it.
Promoting the first show, I created the artwork below. The posters beneath promote the event but also have short phrases in bold clear language reminding the viewer of things from conflict resolution to better treating one’s self. These phrases became an ongoing typography project I share on social media. When one scrolls through their feed I want them to stop and look, similar to when one stops and looks at a traffic sign.
This project lead me to creating these banner designs which would serve in a similar way to the posters above, but could easily live in someone's home. 
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