Exit/ Jim Screechie is a stripped down mandala about how we tend to turn a blind eye to the issues at hand. "Jim Screechie” is a Jamaican term for a man who has sexual relations with a woman who has a partner, but more loosely, the act of excusing one’s self from a situation. The work  features Jonny at its center - the apple-being that embodies the concept of feeling like a target. The use of simple cartoony iconography and the roughness of the brush strokes was an attempt to simulate age as well as introduce a level of pseudo-nostalgia, similar to vintage filters on instagram. The piece overall was meant to feel like a cave painting inspired by the Flinstones, Keith Haring and our obsession with comfort, even at the expense of other's safety.

This piece is on the exterior wall of Carbon Stories in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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