Though they are held in high regard, like all other foods apples are mistreated. Apples with a spec of imperfection are often discarded. In the legend of famed archer William Tell, Tell and his son are held captive. The son is tied to a tree and the archer is challenged to shoot an apple of his head in exchange for their freedom. Tell takes two arrows out and uses one to shoot the apple on top of the young boy’s head. The tyrant holding them hostage then asked, why he took two arrows out. Tell said that one was for the apple, and one was for the tyrant if he shot his son. At this point I realised that in that situation, the son and the apple had equal chance at being hit; the metaphorical math made sense - Apple = Son, therefore we are apples. In some ways, our lives are held in high stature but at the same time we may be at risk of being discarded, or worse, used for target practice.

Jonny (in reference to Johnny Appleseed as well as Johnny Was A Good Man by Bob Marley) is a personification of “Otherness”, namely through the experience of people of colour.
The intent behind the show was this abstract narrative of Jonny entering the world, coming to terms with its corruption, being affected by said corruption, and finding his place in the world. The show comprised of photographs, silkscreen prints, videos and a playlist of songs that loosely bring you through the story underlying the imagery.
This show was on display at MadCap Coffee in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the Summer of 2018.
The playlist documents Jonny's disillusionment regarding the corruption in the world, acceptance of reality and quest for his nirvana.
Jonny the apple reaches the point in his journey where he is being eaten. When injustice happens at the disenfranchised's expense, an eclectic array of emotions flood those who catch wind of the news.
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